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Something Inside Says Its Not Over

...I'd Rather Stay Awake When I'm Asleep...

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So, you came to this journal from somewhere out in the deep dark depths of cyberland, trying to find information on me? I'm flattered....a little creeped out, but flattered. I go by too many names to count, so it's more likely that you'll pick something to call me and leave it at that. My occupation is of a college student, and at the moment my one main goal is to survive college and find a career that fits.

In my spare time I read, I attempt to write, and I enjoy making other people laugh. So yes, this journal might get some stories posted to it...if the mood hits me. My journal is friend's only, but if you ask to join, I'm pretty accommodating and I love making new friends.

Thank you, and, good night.


Raul Creed / rapturescreed @ sirenspull
Dr. Kenzo Tenma / surgicalshot @ sirenspull
Death / the_highcost @ sirenspull
Souji Seta / socialinking @ soul_campaign
Oerba Dia Vanille / lyingragnarok @ soul_campaign
Souji Seta / socialinking @ splendorocity

Marriage is love.

still fighting it...
...even though i may hide my scars
*don't keep silent*


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