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Story for 40baisers

Title: First Snowfall
Author/Authoress: rougaroux
Disclaimer:I don’t own FMA or any of the characters
Theme/Challenge #27 Snow
Fandom:Full Metal Alchemist

Alphonse could remember a time when he loved when it would snow in Rizembool. He would wake up extra early, watching the snow fall gently onto the ground, blanketing his world with a soft white powder. The snow would deaden the world around him, and he wouldn’t be able to hear anything, except the pounding of his own heart.

The best part of snow days was when Winry came to get him though. His mother would bundle him up as best she could, laughing a bit at the wriggly boy in her arms as he strained to get outside. Once hat, scarf, mittens, jacket, boots and pants were all put on, she would let him go, waving good bye from the kitchen window. Al would slip his mitten’s hand into Winry’s own, and they would go hiking through the snow to a spot that hadn’t been touched yet.

What Al loved to do best was lay out in the snow, making snow angles together and just talking. They would talk about what they wanted to be, where they wanted to go. They’d laugh and promise each other that when they were finally grown up, they’d always be together, no matter what. They would make snowmen together, rolling the snow into bigger balls for the bottom and middle part, then the taller of the two would put the head on.

Those snowmen always became causalities in the games they played, snowballs going back and forth between the two. Once completely covered in snow, they would help each other brush it off and walk on back home, Winry laughing at the way she had gotten snow down Al’s clothes, Al grinning at the way snow clung to her hair. Once they were indoors, his mother would help them shed their wet clothes and they would lay out by the fire with cups of hot chocolate, listening to the way Ed described his day spent indoors with a cold. They would commiserate with him, telling him they hadn’t done much and that once he got better they would all go out and have a snowball fight. There eyes would tell a different story though, both of them shining with the memories of a perfect day.


Alphonse hated the snow now. It made his armor cold, and he could never find a way for it to get warmer. And as Winry sat next to him, they would talk about those days when they went outside to play in it. But when she tried to hug him, all it did was make her shiver, and she would have to turn around to try and hide the tears on her face.

Al hated the snow.
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