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Touch me and I swear....

Ugh. I'm sick today, yet I still had to go to school. And I know for a fact that many other people didn't show up at school, they still got a break >_< Then "what's his face" always comes up and gives me a hug, so he tried to today, and I'm so not in the mood....he's annoying. Next time he touches me, I swear...*cracks knuckles and glares* Ugh, I just don't feel well I guess, I'm usually never like this, I'm usually always happy and stuff. I'm gonna go take some Tylenol and get my homework done. I might be on later tonight (away message currently on XD), becuase you know I can't live without all you guys <3<3<3

p.s. just called my friend and she said we have a paper due for Hebrew school on December 6th. Damn. It.

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