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omg...omg....OMG!! Ok, Let's start at the beginning, shall we? Before everyone here thinks I've gone off the deep end. *deep breath*

It started out when my school's anime club (yes, we have an anime club. Yes I, being the geek I am, decided to join for the hell of it) decided to show Final Fantasy: Advent Children. I immediately fell in love, after of course playing the game one to many times XD Unfortunately, they showed it once. Meaning Amy here has only seen it once.


After spending 5 excruciating hours downloading trailers, she finally stumbled across the right one and now.....IT IS IN HER POSSESSION!!! OMG!! I have just spent the past 2 hours watching it, laughing over it, crying (yes crying) over it, and now I come here to tell everybody about it. Very pathetic indeed. Anyway....seeing it only once made me forget SO MANY FRICKEN THINGS! I had absolutly no memory of anything, I swear. It was all brand new to me, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time XD And I'm still freaking out, it was so amazing.

BEST MOVIE EVER GUYS! No, I do not lie, there is nothing that compares. Nothing I tell you all, nothing.
For the important stuff....yes, i am still a huge RenoxYazoo shipper. That hasn't changed, it has only been re-enforced. Buuut....I want to write stories with Kadaj and 'Mother' in them XD Nothing wrong with a little family love, is there??

And now I rant about my favorite scenes. *clears throat*
Scene 1. Reno hits Rude in the face, then almost does it again and Rude is smart and ducks. XDDD I need a shot of that scene guys <3
Scene 2. Kadaj is in Cloud's arms and hearing "mother's" voice. I cried. A lot. There was no hope for me after that scene, I was incoherent the rest of the movie. <3
Scene 3. Actually, this scene creeped me out by a mile. Sephiroth's back and fighting Cloud...OMG! Run to the hills Cloud, he's going to rape you! C'mon, he practically said it with that "On your knees" line. Then when he said "What is your most important I can take it from you," I just knew Cloud was going to say "NO...Not my virginity!!" XDD

And now...I go finish homework. And start watching it again XD You can never see it to many times you know XD And before any of you ask (Diana) I'm planning on making copies <3<3<3<3<3
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