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Parties and movies

Hehe, saw Harry Potter 4 saturday morning...omg, it was great.

Well, the graphic were amazing. The scene were Harry has to fly past the dragon was spectacular, I was shaking in my seat. The characters were great. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have gotten hot, if I do say so. (What, I can't find a girl hot? Not that I want to date her or anything, she just looks good now XD) Rupert He has not aged well at all, he looked pretty bad :P And then when Cedric died...I cried. Not when he actually died, but when Harry's over his dead body, crying out that he was dead and he couldn't leave him...I found my HP OTP guys XD Ok, end my rant now, that's all I wanted to say. Oh, and Victor Krum's ass is mine. that is all.

So party was fun, I slept over Rachel's house with Shan and Ann..Michy couldn't stay, she's allergic to Rach's cats. Ugh, I would hate that. Anyway, we watched "The Breakfast club", played Life, and spooned XDDD In that order, of course :P

And now I got to go, i'm waiting for Ericka to get back here so we can write more of our lovely YazooxReno smut. Oh, and Congrats to all the winners of Iron Smut, you guys were amazing XD

p.s. Sull, I'm almost done with the story, I'll send it to you soon, it's been really hectic lately, I'm sorry >_
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