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I'm in a Jak kinda mood today...or maybe it's the sugar...or the froggie I found in my driveway...Or the fact that I got the flu shot today. No flu for me! Now I just have to worry about some PANDEMIC disease.

Aaaaanyway. I was wondering if I'm one of the only people with a medical fascination out there. I mean, I like watching blood get drawn, and I think having an IV is cool. Huh, must research this further....

ICONS! I love icons. Wish I could make my own, but I can't. So I'm content at the moment to mooch off of other people for them...though the ones other people make are so pretty ehemsullandwinehemcoughcough XD

just wondering...who was the one to put the Jak X OST up? 'cause I need to see that again...only if they want to though, it's no biggie ^_^

Another note...tomorrows my mom's birthday. It's also the day off the homecoming football game. My mom is having a party with her friends though, so there's no need of me...I'm thinking of staying anyway though. Thoughts? Comments?
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