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"Rose Tint my World, Keeps me Safe from my Trouble and Pain"

I need to stop listening to Rocky Horror *laughs* But it makes me so HAPPY while listening to it. The lyrics are funny, the dances are great...c'mon, how can you go wrong with the Timewarp?

You can't. You just can't. Don't contradict me on this one. *laughs*

Anyway, that is not the main reason of this post, actually. *le gasp* No, really, it isn't, though feeling good does feel....good, wow, that was lame, but it's true ^^

Anyway, Chanukah is coming up, and I figured I would do my eight nights of drabbles again, like I did last year. What is a drabble you may ask my friend? Well, it is a short story basically, ranging between 100 words to however long I want it to be (500 words most likely xD). Question is, what do you guys want to see? I figure you on my flist know me well enough to know what fandoms I partake in and enjoy and could probably write about a character from there.

And if you don't, feel free to ask me! I don't mind in the slightest if I'm asked. Just remember to give me a prompt as well!

So guys, I have eight spots to fill. If you want a certain day, you can ask that too :P

1. RE4 Leon and Ada. Trust (Snow and Moonlight) for celes_grant
2. MS Saix and Xemnas being fluffy for Christine
3. FF7 Tseng/Reno "It's been too long" for junkiealchemist
4. FF7 Rude/Tseng for gargoule
5. FF7 Turk-centric for shinistrife
6. MS Rufus "Sick Day" for Kelly
7. RoR Jennifer/Diana for chibi_kage
8. P3 Junpei, Minato, Yukari "Team work" for guardian795

Chanukah starts December 4th, so better hurry it up! (Not friends locked just in case others come strolling around).

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