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long time no see

Jeez, i'm just realizing that i haven't updated in awhile...not that I haven't been here, just...not journal writing XD So here is part one of what's been going on in my life...

Homecoming Dance was saturday the 5th, and it was great. I had gotten my hair done earlier that day, and I went and had a great time. Pictures will soon be coming, don't worry guys ^_^ I saw everybody there, food was good, and since my dress was shorter this year, it didn't rip! Danced with a bunch of people (namely my friends XD) but I did get to dance with this it wrong to like your friend's dance date? I'm thinking so...too bad :P

What else...I'm feeling really creative at the moment, i don't know why. I wrote a "Rent" story (still writing it actually) and I also wrote a scar-centric piece. Also finished 3 gosh, whats the world coming too??? Got a Jak piece coming up too...speaking of that all elusive game...

Turns out that my game did come in, but then the store ended up running out of copies. So by the time I went to get my copy, they had run out of reserved ones, and all the others were gone. Now, I'm trying not to get mad...BUT I WANT MY GAME!!

Stay tuned for more of me ranting about stuff, and I'll see all of you ladies and gents later *hangs head in shame* too much 1920's lingo stuck in my head...
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