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boy friend or boyfriend?

Well, today at school I'm talking to my best guy friend. Let's call him Mike, shall we? Well, me and Mikey are talking as we walk to our respective classes, then he goes down one hallway and I go down another. So I'm opening my locker, and these 2 girls come up to me. Never seen them before, so I say "Hey," and then all of a sudden, they're talking my ear off. Since I'm used to my friends fangirling on me, it's not painful XD

Anyway, what they're were talking about to me is my guy friend! They asked me if I knew him, and I was like "Yea, we're best friends," so then they're all gushing about how cool he is, and how they saw him the other day....then they go on about how hot he is!! When has my best guy friend, the one who played games in kindergarten with me, become hot? That was freaky. I think I need to keep a closer eye on, I'm not over-protective at alllll :3

In other news:

News articles are damn hard to write. Especially if you don't know what to write about XP

MY tape I was using to tape fMA saturday night stopped taping right before the show!! I swear, there was a glimpse of Ed, then nothing. So I had to borrow Ann's tape today...why did she think it was sad? Fricken hilarious man. Dorochet is awesome, I want a plushie of him O_o

My Jak X still isn't in. WTF? I need it. Like druggies need crack, I need it.
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