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I hate guys

Ok, well maybe I don't honestly hate guys...but, just one in particular. Ok, here's the story...

I had asked this guy friend of mine to go to the dance with me. He said sure, and he bought a ticket. So I'm all happy, but then today at the fall festival at school, this girl is talking with me and Kevin (the guy), and I bring up the dance. She then pulls me aside and says "You do know I'm going with Kevin, right?" WTF?? I asked him about it, and he said that's not true. Where does she get off saying that? Now I don't know if he's lying to me or what, and I hate this. Just be straight with me! If he's not going with me, I'd like to know instead of worrying about it. UGHHHHHHHHH >_< it makes me so mad.


Jak X still hasn't come in yet. Another thing I'm freaking out about, I want it now, in my hands!!

Sull, I have your story! It's a Keira-centic...just because I had this idea. I'll post it up after I finish correcting it, k?

Stupid...scanner..*beats with a stick* ok, I'm gonna take a picture of the picture, then post it up XD
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