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So....all the Jak X talk is making me cry. MY GAME GOT LOST!!! Apparently something went wrong with the shipping, so the store were I ordered it hasn't got it....*sniffles* I need to play!!

other things happening in my world:

Halloween Day is tomorrow at my school...I'm being forced to dress as Ed. WTF?? FORCED I TELL YOU, FORCED!

Sull, I wrote you a story...that didn't turn out so good. It's very dark, and I hate it. So I'm writing you a new one, which is very happy and funny, and...makes up completely for the last one.

My scanner is getting fixed tomorrow, so i should have my pictures up by saturday...sunday at the latest XD

Fall Festival is saturday, and guess who has to go cover it for the school newspaper? meh >_<

That is it so far...I still need to cut out pictures I printed and paste them to my notebooks...mrrfh ^_^

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