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L'shana to'vah

Happy High Holy days everybody!! Well, I just broke my fast (after spending 4 frickin hours at synagogue, whew ^_^) so I thought I'd come online and see what's going on. Just thought I'd say have a good fast (if you're jewish) and have a good...uh....thursday? lol.

In other news:

Sull, I'll have your story by sunday now, the latest I promise! I just have PSAT's this saturday, so I won't have time to finish it friday (need to study)

Ericka, I drew a picture of Archer just for you! I need to scan it in, but when I do I'll post it up and send it to you ^_^

AIDS walk Philly is this sunday, so I recommend that if you live in or near Philly that you come out and join it. If you can't, make a donation at

I'VE FINALLY BEATEN JAK 2!!!! haha, that Metal Kor was onto getting all the precursor orbs ^_^
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