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Officials at school need to learn...

Ok, my school had a drill know the kind, in case there is a bomb scare, or someone with a gun in the school? Well, we had one of those. Problem is, it had to be the most pointless and stupid thing I've ever had to do. Three things made it bad:

1. If someone with a gun came into the school, we are all supposed to go to a corner and crouch down, not talk, lock the door to the room, and turn off the lights. In theory, this might work. Problem is that crouching down in front of a door that has WINDOWS would be the worst possible thing to do. Honestly, if the teacher is going to yell at you for talking, shouldn't she also yell at you for hiding in front of the door? The shooter is going to see you and try to get in. That makes that pointless to do

2. Do they honestly think that a shooter will wait to come into the school until homeroom? The drill was during homeroom, so everyone is in their homeroom classroom. What would have been better would have been to wait until say...third period, then while people are in the hallways or in class they could say over the loudspeaker "Ok, this is a drill, everybody get into a room," Then you would have to get to a room and take cover. More realistic, neh?

3. What about people who might be in gym, lunch, or the library? What do they do? This is all slightly reminiscent of the way they would hold drills back in the 60's-70's, during the atomic bomb scares. Then, they would have the kids line up by their lockers, turn toward them, and set their heads down and cover them. Hehe, ever hear the saying "lean down and kiss your ass good-bye"? Enough said.

I'm currently writing an editorial for my school newspaper and to my town's newspaper on this subject. I just felt the need to rant. So if you read this, thanks for putting up with me XDD
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