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OMG OMG OMG!! thank you Uncle Jay, I LOVE YOU THIS _______________________MUCH!

ok, now that my little spaz is over, I'm all good. I just got a new cellphone! It's the motorola Razr, and it's so sleek, and sexy, and shiny, and did I mention the thinness? It is tiny. I am in love with it so I need a name for it...I always name my cellphones, it's like a ritual. I usually name them after characters from different shows or games, so nobody can get offended...but I wonder what this time? Any good ideas guys?

p.s. I actually foundshoes for the fall dance *bangs head on desk* so that means I have to write a story for Sull...bleh. She did win though, so I owe her it. You might have to poke me though if you ever want to read it ^_^
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