Amata (rougaroux) wrote,


So, I'm thinking...what about little somethings for everyone on the eight days and nights? I love giving things, so if you respond to this, I'll give you a little something (and by little something, I mean writing) on one of the nights.

I will write for any type of fandom out there. If I do not know it, I'll let you know in the responses, and you can pick out a different one that I might know.

TV, anime, games, anything guys, I just need eight different fandoms for the eight nights. Come on, you know you want a special gift from me on one of those nights, even if you don't celebrate the holiday <3

On that note, also, me and aguynamedgoo have known each other for a little over a year now. Oh how the time goes back.

Now, off to do some web exploring...or as much as this thing will let me xD


First night: FF7 (ShinRa centric)
Second night: Rent (Mark/Victor)
Third night: Resident Evil (Ada/Leon)
Fourth night: Kingdom Hearts (Organization XIII centric )
Fifth night: Ouran Host Club (Twincest)
Sixth night: Hellsing (Seras/Alucard)
Seventh night: FMA (Roy/Maes)
Eighth night: FFX (Rikku and Kimahri, gen-fic)
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