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bonjour, je m'appelle....

Well, I went to the mall yesterday...FINALLY!! I went with Ann, and we picked up soem manga. I got the 3rd FMA volume (yay!) and I also picked up "Love Hina" hahaha, it's filled with enough pervyness to fill me to my hearts content XDD. We also went to Gamestop where I pre-ordered Jak X. I CAN'T WAIT WHEEEEEEE *spasms* ehem.......

We also went to Hot Topic, did anyone know that they moved in the mall? Much bigger store than before, I like it ^_^ They had all this FMA of course I had to get some. Or a lot. I got 2 keychains (a chibi!roy and the flamel symbol. Tres chic), a t-shirt (will upload picture as soon as possible), some iron-on patches (chibi!ed XDD), and a necklace (Al's blood seal and an alchemy circle. OMG, it's so cool). Was supposed to pick up an outfit for services tuesday but...I spent all my money. whoops o_O

Just saw episode 29....

.......OMG, THAT IS NOW OFFICIALY MY FAVORITE EPISODE!!!! Archer=Love, Gatebabies holding Ed back=Love, and THE TRUTH=MAJOR LOVE *spasms in all fangirly-ness* Then with Moofy(Wrath) and Ed's arm and leg.....yup, i'm crazy in love here. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *died* I need to wacth more, why does it only come on once a week???

Also, I still can't beat Jak 2. OMGWTF!! why won't you die metal kor??? arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh.
BTW, sorry I haven't updated this in awhile, I've been sucked into this rpg fma_dls it's so addicting!! lol.
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