Amata (rougaroux) wrote,


I am alive everyone! Well, yea, I mean, I didn't die or anything...*cough* Moving on.

No net access. I'm sneaking on my dad's laptop right now, since no one is home. No phone either.

Hm. Well, I saw a group of kids swinging on on a swing set in this park we past by on our way home, and it made me smile.

It's good to be alive. Life is good, really good. And no, I still don't want kids, so no crazy thoughts you >>

Reb! Any chance of calling some time today? It's 3:10 pm my time right now, and anytime today is good for me. After nine I have free minutes though, so that would be the best....hey, I'd love to hear from someone. You guys have no idea how much it's hurting me to not be able to talk to you guys.

And now, I run >> Dad is home. *flees*
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