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If I put 'hiatus post' here, is that called 'irony'?

Just an entry to say that...I'm not sure what to say. I have no words. I'm not in a position to really talk much either, but I guess I can try for now.

I'm...taking an extended vacation, we could call it. Yeah, an extended vacation sounds good. A hiatus from life, so to speak.

I think some of you know why this is happening. For the ones who don't know, I'm sorry. Everyone is telling me that I do not owe explanations to anyone, but their wrong. If you're my friend, you owe an explanation.

Yes, it seems like I'm being melodramatic, which is something I try not to be. But there is a good reason, unfortunately.

I just....can't give you one right now.

If you see me on line, though I probably won't be for awhile now, just message me. Talking is always good.

For important to me, who I can't live my life without right now, but I have to try...don't defriend me...and I'll email you.

What a horrible person I am *sighs*

In any case...missing you all terribly. Don't expect anything from me in the coming days..weeks...I'm not sure how long. And just...I won't say don't worry, because I seem to have the types of friends who always worry.

Bye guys.
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