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At the end of the day you get nothing but nothing~

And so the math saga continues, with studying insanely hard for a quiz, and failing miserably. I'm just not cut out for math I realize, but still. Why couldn't I have at least managed a C? A C+ would have made my day, but oh no, no C's for me.

And alas, my trusty pink, mini ipod, nicknamed "Razor", has apparently bit the big one. He will not be updated, because he is, apparently, too outdated. I only got him a few years ago too, what is with this!?

I will not say that music is my life, but it sure as hell is a big important part of it. *sighs* Everything seems to be breaking down on me today. I called someone earlier today and was surprised to hear my voice rough and low. Of course, it's usually low, but in this case I know I won't have a voice tomorrow.

Oh well, going to go finish up math, work on extra credit work for english, and then immerse myself in writing and reading George Orwell's 1984.

Yes, I am reading that for pleasure, not for school. Oh, foretelling the future about a world ruled by dictators, how I love you.

This icon is fitting for today.
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