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Meme thingy

LJ Interests meme results

  1. broadway:
    I love Broadway. I use to want to be on it, but now I'm pretty much content to go see shows on it. My grandma takes me to see shows every year for my birthday, so I've gottten around (not that way you pervy people!!)
  2. edward elric:
    I love FMA. Hence, I love Edward Elric, the main character in the series. Though I really like the way he's short (his comebacks are the best!) and I think his hair is cool. Have you ever tried to draw it? FRICKIN AWESOME!
  3. gloves:
    I like gloves. Maybe a little to much. Like, really really like gloves, as in, I have a glove fetish. Yes, I am letting it out there, but I'm thinking support groups might help this...
  4. ice cream:
    mmmmmm ice cream. My Favorites are strawberry and chocolate. CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHIP!! That is the ebst flavor ever. It used to be sold at this restaurant, but then they got rid of it, 'cause they said not enough people liked it. WTF?? to make a long story short, we made a petition. and got it back.
  5. kakashi:
    haha, he's from Naruto. He's a ninja who likes to read porn. what more can be better??
  6. monty python:
    these guys are amazing. I like the search for the holy grail, and I also saw the Life of Brian and The meaning of Life. funniest things ever.
  7. pasta:
    I like pasta. actually, I like food in general, but pastas one of the best. Maybe it's the quarter of a quarter of a half italian in me. hmmmmmm.
  8. rent:
    The play rent, not the actually giving up of money to live soemplace. Best play ever, I recommend it to anyone who wants to see it.
  9. strawberries:
    more food...strawberries. They're red, juicy, and they come in a carton. best things ever.
  10. writing:
    I like to write. I write fanfiction, only becuase I hate coming up with my own storyline and own characters. So hey, if there is already one out there, and the company doesn't mind me using it, I DAMN WILL WRITE IT!!

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