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update at school

Yay. Updating at school in web design class. This is going to be the best class all year, I can tell >> Well, maybe.

My schedule is screwed up, so I need to drop multimedia and I'm trying to think of what type of class to take instead, for the semester. So far, we've got art, psychology, or something else...perhaps business? Aw hell, I don't know what would be the best to take, but the way I'm leaning is toward art more, because that would be fun and would make my day a bit brighter.

Oh well. I'll talk to the counselor on Monday, when I'm scheduled, and we'll see what she can switch me into.

>> Is it winter break yet? *grins*

Hm, while I'm on, what else....oh. I seem to have gotten some sort of..thing, let's call it, on my compy at home. SO, if you decide to send me files of any sort over AIM, or invite me into chat rooms...ask first. Because otherwise it'll log me off and I'll waste ten minutes unfreezing the computer and logging back on. Thank you for your cooperation.

And that's about it. I can't wait for the weekend. Except I'm working, so that kind of bites. But otherwise, yay sleeping and working. And now, the bell is in a few, so see you guys later.
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