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Bueller? Bueller?

Okay, so, like...where did ya'll go?

Anyone. I realize, many of us have lives outside of the internet and all, but I misssss you guys. I need to start staying up later or something? Everyone having parties without me late at night? *grins* Ok, ok, I know the reasons, but still.

I'm still bored right now >.>

And..and..whim if I don't talk to you I might go and cry or something. Where hath thee gone, oh wifey of mine? ^_^ Get thou ass back here before I go Shakespeare on you. And trust me. We don't want that xD

Oh yea, and I love NYC. But we've already established this many, many times :P And Caiiiiity. I need to talk to you. Rick knows what he wants, and I have an idea for an exchange instead of zombie pr0n >.> *grins*
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