Amata (rougaroux) wrote,

Real update. And apologies.

So, apparently my parents picked me up some nice little happy pills today. Because it seems they think I am "emotionally repressed" and I need help of some sort.

I vote therapist, but hey, who am I to go against the 'rents? I need their car to get me to work, and their occasional presence at home to keep me happy and fed.

Anyway. Took said pill tonight, and I wish I hadn't. Ok, maybe I wish I hadn't been on the computer at the time, but you can't undo the past.

But you can sure as hell try.

On that note, cupcakemonster I am so sorry. I became an ass, and I acted high, because truth be told I was, but it's still no excuse. I'm sorry. If you don't forgive me, I understand. I won't like it and I might go cry for a long time, but I understand.

I'm so sorry.
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