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Story: First Draft

Title: A Symbol of His Love
Author: rougaroux
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Tseng/Elena
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: It was hot out today. That’s my excuse. Oh yea, and for cupcakemonster. Because she asked so nicely ^^

It had been years now, since they had first gotten together, and while there still was no ring on her finger, she knew that he loved her. In hindsight, it was actually a good thing, since such objects of affection could not be afforded in their line of work. They were Turks after all.

During the day she could deal with this. With a day filled with paperwork and the occasional mission, her mind was filled with other things. Unfortunately now, after everything that had happened in recent years, the missions were becoming less and less frequent. No longer did she have to worry about thinks such as ‘I’m running out of non-blood stained shirts’ or ‘My dry cleaner is getting suspicious’. All she had to worry about now was if her pen ran dry, or if office gossip was getting too ridiculous, or Shiva forbid, they ran out of coffee.

Night was different. Night was when she was too wired to sleep, his body sprawled like dead weight next to her. Night was when she listened to the sounds of his breathing and thought of the wedding she would never have. When sleep took her, all she could dream about was the dark haired babies she would never have, the mako having robbed her of that chance.

But still, sometimes she just happened to forget to take her pills for a month. And sometimes, just sometimes, she might corner him working late at night and convince him that putting the papers to the side might be a good thing, and really, they didn’t need protection. They were Turks after all.

And finally something worked, what exactly she wasn’t sure, but miracles of miracles, it worked. She was pregnant with his child, and while he had always loved her this was proof that he really did. This was something more than rings, more than weddings, more than words.

When she told him the news, his face filled with shock, she had time for one quick thought of I should never have told him, before his face brightened into a smile he rarely had.

That night, after celebrating the good news, she laid beside him in bed, listening to his soft breathing, and thought to herself If I died now, I would be the happiest girl on earth.

When she lost the baby she felt like killing herself.

Even with his lips brushing the tears away, his words telling her it would be all right, his strong arms holding her as she sobbed on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood, she knew she was weak.

He heard her whisper the words and frowned, pulling her closer and holding her gently, his fingers stroking the scars he could have found in his sleep. There was nothing he could do for her that would make her feel better at the moment, but he knew she would survive.

She was a Turk after all.
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