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Well, Renessiance Faire was yesterday...woohoo! I played my part perfectly, I didn't forget any of my lines. I did forget one swordfight move, but we covered it up pretty well. It was so damn hot though! I had on my costume, and I couldn't go the whole day (it was a 2 day faire, saturday and sunday), so I had to go and buy a new one, lol. Well, the new costume makes me look, as my costar said "more wenchy" haha. Well, the new costume has my shoulders exposed, so guess where I got massive sunburn? Yup. I'm in pain now, I need more aloe vera, we just ran out. Going to school with my backpack was a pain today. While I was at the Faire, I decided to get a henna tattoo. So now I have the "flamel" on my left arm, while my friend has it on her right. She's Al, I'm Ed, lol. I'll take pictures and post them up, they did a good job on it! Now, I think I'm gonna go do my homework in front of the tv, watch "Gunslinger Girl" again, then come back to my computer and reread "Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher" haha, it's a great story, I recommend it (written by sky_dark). As you can tell, I'm not ashamed of advertising people, lol.
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