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See ya in a week guys

Ok, so everyone who wants to know, here's the deal. Big ass storm hit Monday night, knocking out all of the power in the Tristate area. Which, unfortunately, is where I live. My house finally got power back on Thursday morning, at around five am or so. On Friday, which technically by this clock was yesterday, we finally got internet access back, much to my relief.

Unfortunately, while I was on last night (Friday), another storm hit and we lost power for a few hours.

I want to apologize to Kyuubi, and Kim my beloved stalker wife, who I was talking to at that moment when the power went out. Can you imagine, here I am, in the middle of having a good time with you guys, and the power decides it can't deal with a bit of rain and lightening. *sighs*

So, that's what happened. And now, more exciting news. Saturday, I am leaving for vacation. I'm going to lBI (Long Beach Island) for a week to stay in a beach house that we rented, and I will be back next Saturday, the 28th? Or something like that. So, I just wanted to wish you all a find farewell and all of that good stuff.

Ya'll who have my cell numbers can still call me you know *grins* I have free weekends after nine now, and 1000 text messages. Let the good times roll, neh?

Oh, and Win, I was also talking to Tseng when the power went down again...if you have her email or something, I would really love to send something out to her before she leaves. I am so upset at what happened, I wanted to talk to her so badly, and now I'm not going to get another chance. Life, really and truly bites. Oh, and apparently Rosalind is now in charge while Tseng is...incapacitated >.> First order of business is I'm going to the hospital for a week to make sure he is safely transported home, ok? Please make sure that Reno does not drown his sorrows in a bottle, and if you and Jared get in one more fight I am going to separate you two and partner one of you up with Katana, the other with Naomi. Don't make me do that.

Shini, my dear, my love, my good good friend....I don't get to talk to you the day before I leave for the trip. This was supposed to be my week to talk to you as much as possible before I left. As I said before, life really sucks. I love you and I hope work goes well for you.

And now...I'm just tired. I am physically and emotionally drained, and I'm actually glad for this trip. I don't think I can do anything anymore. This week was stressful, what with the new job, no power, the heat wave, and not being able to talk to anyone....I'm tired.

So ciao flist, next time you see me it will be a better, happier, tanned, new me *grins* Love you all, and I will see you when I get back.

Oh, and Kim my love, I want Resident Evil 4 stuff plzkthx. And I am so going to play that in the beach house, I'm bringing the PS2 for kicks.
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