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I really don't have much to say, and am really updating on penalty of death from Ishi >.> You know you have such great friends when they threaten you with all means of torture that are not at all kinky *loves on the Ishi*

Ok, ok, what to talk's summer. It's hot out. My urge to write is gone, even if I have some ideas...I'm having trouble plotting them out. Saw "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" last night again, and I am so tempted to write the invisible man slash.

On second though, I probably will.

Anyway...congrats to morningxstorm, I am so proud of you for coming in second, you have no idea <333333333

Oh, and much love to the store Five and Below, because holy crap, I got an ipod stereo for five bucks. And it works really well. Today is a good day, even if the temp is pushing 95.

Turn up the air, I'm sitting this one out.
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