Amata (rougaroux) wrote,

Update. Because I can, ok? XD

I found Rosalind icons. OMG yay *glee* Those suckers are hard to find, I must say, and how can I be a good Turk if I don't have them? *shakes head* Aaaaaanyway....Win is gone. This makes me sad, not counting the jealousy I feel that she gets to meet Ericka and I don't *le sigh*

I need to stop making friends with people who live far away from me. It makes me sad, and I hate being sad. Ok, maybe not completely sad, but still. Ya'll come on and move out to Hickville, ok? *grins* Could be want to...ok, maybe you don't...

So...talked to Shini on the phone for a bit. Crazy girl is worried about the flooding, even if I have told her repeatedly that there is no need to worry as I am ON A HILL and NOT NEAR THE RIVER AT ALL. *shakes head*

What else...job stuff tomorrow. Might actually learn my hours and stuff. And yes, for the record, I am working at Sesame Place. No, I will not be dressing up as Big Bird. Elmo maybe, but apparently I am too short to be Big Bird >P

So...that's about it. Need to work on some stuff for Rikku so she'll have something nice to read when she gets back from her 'lj vacation'. I think I've talked to her as much as I have even when she used her LJ still *laughs*

Oh! Question for the flist. I'm thinking of making a writing journal, but don't know if I should bother. What do you guys think? Yay? Nay? Shut up you crazy fool? *grins*

Night all. Don't let the water bugs bite (and trust me, those things hurt like a motherfucker).
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