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*walks into the room laden with bags and drops everything with a thud*

Guess who's back from NY?

Guess who actually had a good time with the Orthodox relatives?

Guess who's a little hungover?

Guess who's feet are killing?


Goddamn, do those Orthodox know how to party. I mean, the service was the dullest thing I have ever been to, what with the chanting, and more chanting, and OMFG chanting in hebrew so fast for five hours, and I almost fell asleep during the fucking service >< But oh, was the party nice.

And after the service....met someone *winks* Waiter at Ruby Tuesdays, major Renthead, pre-law student in Washington D.C....was most DEFINITELY gay. I think I'm in love *grins* ......we exchanged emails and screennames. Yay.

I'd say call me, but I am worn out and really really tired. And I have a job interview today. And I'll be online, because I missed you all so very VERY much.
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