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Title: Knowing When to Shut Up
Author: rougaroux
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: General Sephiroth, OC Private, OC Lieutenant, OC SOLDIER
Rating: R (language)
Author's Note: No idea where this came from. Set during the Wutai war.

“Fuck man. Fuck, did you see that. I’m telling ya, didja see that? Fuck, look at that, fuck, oh fucking hell, did you—“

“Yea, I saw it. Now shut the fuck up already, ‘m getting a headache,”

“Ya sure that ain’t the shells? Those guys have nasty rifles man. Rapid fire, and I’m not kiddin’ when I say I saw a Restore hooked on one of those motherfuckers,”

“Whatever happened to swords man, fucking swords, what, they go out of style already?”

“When’s the last time you saw a sword in battle,”




“….Private, are you telling me you saw someone using a sword in battle? Tell me now, ‘cause I wanna go pay respects at their grave,”

“Ain’t no grave to pay respects to,”


“Ain’t no grave to pay respects to, sir,”

“So what’s the deal? Some two bit rookie brought daddy’s sword from home and decided to use the fucking piece of shit in battle? If he ain’t dead now, he will be soon,”

“L-lieutenant, s-sir…”

“No, don’t interrupt me Private, you gonna run your mouth off like that and I’m gonna give you something to suck on, ya hear me? Gotta do something to shut ya’ll up, and if you keep up like that, those fuckers in the jungles are gonna have a hell of a time with you,”

“N-no s-sir, I m-mean..”

“I said stuff it Private, and clean out your ears with your gun. Do us all a favor and pull it while it’s stuck up there,”

“Sir yes sir!”

“Better Private, much better. Now, as I was saying before you decided to open your yap—“


Fuck, can’t a guy tell a fucking story in pea—General sir!”

“As you were, soldier. What is the status?”

“We’re under orders to protect this border sir. Troops two and five got separated somewhere in the middle, and six never came back sir,”

“I want you to send in troop eight with me for support, is that clear?”

“Yes si—wait, sir, that’s this troop,”

“That it is soldier. I want you to provide back-up while we go find those missing troops. Gather whatever weapons you wish, and I want two, at least two, men proficient with higher level Cures,”

“Yes sir….you’re not taking in that with you, right sir?”

“Of course I am Lieutenant, do you have a problem with my choice of weapon?”

“No sir, not at all sir!”

“Good. We leave at oh-eight hundred. Don’t be late, or you might regret it,”

“Yes sir!”

“Yes sir!”

“Lieutenant sir, I told you—“

“Stuff it Private. You’ve got front line duty,”

“B-but sir….!”

“Have fun, keep your head low,”

“Is this because of the swo—“

“Fuck off Private,”

“Yes sir,”

Tags: fic
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