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Well, I needed a gift for my friend's birthday today, so last night I went to Best Buy to pick her up a gift card. While there, I of course had to go check out the dvds and games they had in stock. So I'm looking for FMA stuff, and I find they have the 4th one for only 20 dollars. So I pick that up, and move on. Well, I'm scanning my eyes over stuff, and I see they have Gunslinger Girl. OMG!!! I had read about that in a magazine a couple months ago, and I wanted to see it, just had no idea when it was...and they had it!! FIRST 5 EPISODES YAY!! Now, I am in love. GG is about little girls who are sick, then this agency makes them new robotic bodies. unfortuantely, they have to use these new bodies to become assasins for the agency. The story takes palce in modern day Italy, and the episodes are named in italian, like "Fratello" and "Promessa". It's amazing, becuase the pyscological aspect of it is desturbing, but make the story seem more real. I reccommend it to anyone out I'm gonna go whatch some more of it!!
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