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Rufus/Tseng for centi_porn

Title: Pleasurable Commands
Author: rougaroux
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Pairing: Rufus/Tseng
Rating: NC-17
Theme Set: I
Warnings: m/m smut.
Disclaimer: FF7 and its characters do not belong to me.

1. Blossom

There is little room, nor necessity in their relationship for romance. Still, when Rufus walks into his office one day and finds the assorted flowers in a vase for him, he can only think of one person who would do such a thing.

Later he asks between gasps if he was the one to send the flowers, and as Tseng slides into him slowly, the Turk can only smirk and grasp his cock as he thrusts into him, gaining momentum.

“Sir, you will need to learn how to be better at interrogation if you wish to ask such questions,”

2. Sweat

It is the after-sex glow Tseng has that mesmerizes Rufus.

The heat in the room is high, as if the thermostat has been turned all the way up.

He is glowing, the faint sheen of sweat making him glisten in the moonlight.

Steadily he makes his way across the inviting lap before being pushed down against the bed, slick skin sliding over one another in a battle of wills that he finds he cannot win.

Brushing away a stray lock of hair, he sighs and curls up next to his lover, the sweat making them stick together slightly in a way neither minds.

3. Gaze

Dark eyes meet blue and gaze evenly at each other as the order is given. Rufus smirks at him, a look that is replaced as soon as his mouth opens to let loose a low moan.

Fingers twitch by their sides as he watches Rufus, never straying to the hand that moves slowly over the other’s cock, jerking into his hand. Rufus has that look on his face as he fondles his balls between his fingers and looks at Tseng with hunger in those blue eyes.

Tseng just stands at the door, damning orders, as Rufus comes with his name on his lips.

4. Tongue

It is almost becoming too much to bear, and as Rufus hisses and squirms against the sheets, he wants this beautiful torture to end.

“Tseng,” he moans, hands grabbing the sheets to steady himself as his lover’s tongue makes another quick swipe near his navel, sending another shudder of pleasure to wrack through his body.

Unfortunately it is no where near where he wants it to be, and Tseng is going to pay for this insubordination. A smirk is across his face before his mouth opens in a moan, low and hungry. Yes, he is going to pay.

Again, and again, and again.

5. Scar (Instead of Sweet)

Of course in his readings, Rufus had learned all about scars and the way they had become more sensitive to touch. He had never realized how much they were sensitive, until he had ran his tongue over the slightly raised scar tissue left over from the incident on his lovers shoulder.

The following shudder from such an action had made him look up questioningly, only to receive a nod to continue. With new found ardor, he had set to map out every scar on his lovers body with his lips.

The following morning he vowed to start up his reading again.

6. Give

It was a perfect afternoon when Rufus didn’t have any meetings, his work was all done, and Tseng was on his knees in front of him with his cock in his mouth as he scrambled for something to hold on to steady himself. Rufus slid his hips forward, watching the slick spit and glide of his length move into the trap of Tseng’s throat, hearing him moan underneath him.

Rufus continued to move his hips, giving all he had to him, as Tseng swallowed around him and took even more, until he had come, shooting his seed down the throat of his Turk.

7. Hand

After hours, and Rufus has once again worked late, the light in his office on till early morning hours. Tseng waits outside his office till he’s done, getting the car to drive him away from the grind of work life. Five minutes into the drive, and Tseng feels a hand stroking his crotch. He keeps his eyes on the road as a hand eases him out, and pumps, and he’s glad that Rufus’ apartment isn’t far, as he doesn’t think he can hold on, and then he’s parking and coming in one motion.

After it’s over he looks at Rufus and thinks that maybe he never did leave work at the office.

8. Compromise

It had been a tough decision for him to make, and as he reflected on it bitterly, he couldn’t help but sigh, perhaps even grumble a bit. Tseng had a firm, staunch belief in never screwing around on the job, no matter how much he or the recipient might like it.

But maybe, just maybe, he might have to compromise his beliefs just a bit, because logically, no one would expect him to hold on when Rufus was sucking on that damn spoon during the meeting he was supposed to be watching him over, and not think about how good that mouth would feel on his cock.

9. Chocolate

If he had to pick a flavoring, Rufus had always been under the impression that chocolate was not on his list of favorites. Not to mention the fact that it had the extremely bad habit of staining his clothes if it got anywhere. White does not mix well with stains after all.

On the other hand, he might have to reconsider his list, because when he would plunder the taste of Tseng’s mouth after the other man had finished licking the chocolate sauce off his body, that was something that should be slowly savored, and perhaps enjoyed again and again.

10. Deep

It’s all soft panting and strangled cries as they grind against one another, the moonlight throwing Rufus’ face into shadows and illuminating Tseng’s as he pushes him up against the wall. A hard kiss is pressed against waiting lips, swallowing harsh cries in the night as roaming hands find more interesting places then the wall.

They eventually make it to the bed, where Rufus waits on hands and knees for the one perfect thrust that comes moments later. A low moan reaches Tseng’s ears as he angles slightly; driving himself deeper into his charge and making him come with a sharp cry that echoes around the room.

11. Shiver

The flat blade of the knife is cool against his skin, making him shiver as the slightest touch of it sends his brains signals between wanting to move or hold still. He can hear the slow steady breathing from his lover, but the blindfold prevents him from seeing the blond hair damped by sweat, the body slicked with their exertion.

Another run of the knife near his thigh has him shivering again and trying to reach for Rufus, but a hard slap to his thigh has him stilling, with the soft spoken command ordering him to stay, making him obey.

12. Melt

Rufus seemed to be made entirely of heat, if anything else entirely. Even the sounds he made were full of fire, falling from his mouth and heating the windows in the room as their fervor grew. As Tseng eased another finger into him, they seemed to grow in pitch as he hooked and twisted, stroking him from the inside as he stroked him on the out. He could not help but wonder if he could melt from all that heat, even if his brain told him it was impossible. That was not what he was thinking with though, as he fucked Rufus with his fingers and made him come with another heated moan.

13. Smooth

Tseng was smooth all over, Rufus discovered, lightly tracing meaningless patterns into his lovers skin as he dozed. From the high arch of his foot on up, his skin was smooth, and that said a lot considering his job. If he had to make a guess, Rufus would say that his hands were the roughest part of him.

He could not suppress a shiver at the thought of his hands on him last night, which caused Tseng to crack open an eye and smirk as Rufus pinned him down to the bed so he could be reminded of the feeling of those hands again.

14. Tingle

It was some of the little things Rufus started to notice after awhile. How Tseng seemed to never lose that cool and collected composure he was so well known for, even in bed. How he enjoyed biting and marking his ‘territory’ so to speak, which was something Rufus did not mind in the least, because layers were good for something.

How Tseng would always start off slow and then build speed as he ground his hips into his, sending tingles of pleasure awash down his spine and making him arch upwards, causing their sweat slicked bodies to slide against one another.

15. Button

They both walk into the elevator, one after the other. Light goes before dark, light always making the first move, like chess pieces on a chessboard. One slender hand presses the button on the inside panel, before the glow is eclipsed by a body pushes roughly against it. Tongues battle as a back is pushed hard against steel, hitting every button and making them light up. Hands grapple at clothing in a rush before both of them stop and pull away to see the damage that has been done. Silently, they look at one another in mutual understanding. There is plenty of time now.
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