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Title: Moving On Up
Pairing: Rikku/Tseng
Fandom: GC AU (kinda. Sorta. Maybe.)
Rating: PG-13
Author's notes: Dedicated to cupcakemonster because she wrote me threesome porn *flails* Hope you enjoy this. I went for cute and I think I managed? Yay? Nay?

This was one of those times when you looked back on your life and reevaluated it, thinking about the things you had done, the things you would like to do, or the things you would have wanted to do better.

For once in his life, there was not a single time that Tseng would like to go back and change….well, there were a few, but they were mostly things that he had done himself that were stupid. Such as walking blindly into the targets house on his first mission and not realizing that, yes, this was who they had to kill, even though, yes, the man said he did not know that name.

That one had earned him a stern look from Veld and the promise of future missions and kitchen duty. And if it was one thing Tseng did not like to do, it was peeling potatoes. Though he found he had become rather adept at it, but still, it was not the best.

The second time he would change would be when he and Rude had successfully completed their first mission. Of course, it was obligatory for Turks to go out and get completely and utterly plastered after their first kill, and they were not about to become the black sheep in the fraternity.

Waking up in a barn next to your best friend was not expected. It wasn’t frowned upon either, which was slightly confusing, but when you figured in that many of the other Turks had gone through the same experience, it was quite all right.

It was still something Tseng would have liked to change if he was given the chance. What he wouldn’t want to change, ever, was this moment, with him looking down at the blond head curled up in his arms with a soft smile on his face

“Rikku,” he said softly, waking her gently, though she didn’t want to wake up.

“Sleep Tseng,” she muttered, twisting in his arms as she struggled to find the sleep that eluded her grasp now that she was up. Turning to her side, she lay still as he planted a soft kiss right behind her ear, shivering slightly as he covered her body with his own.

“Rikku…I have a question to ask you…” he murmured in her ear, making her shiver in a way that had nothing to do with the temperature of the room at the moment.

“Would you…come and live with me?” he asked softly, so softly that she thought at first she had heard him wrong. Tseng just stayed still, waiting for her to talk next, to say something. Yes, this was definitely one time in his life that he would not want to change for the world.

“What!?” Rikku said, jerking up and practically flying out of the bed, taking a sheet with her as she went.

Or maybe it was something he would like to change.

“Tseng, you don’t know what you’re saying,” she whispered, hugging the sheet closer to he body as he sighed and shook his head, grabbing her and yanking her back into the bed with a yelp, as he proceeded to show her just how much he knew what he was saying.

And so days later, this was where they were, with Tseng carrying box upon box up to his apartment as she directed and occasionally distracted him from his task. Much joking (on her part) was heard and much sighing and grunting when she would not get out of the way (on his part) was heard. She wanted to stop for a break in the middle of the bringing up the boxes, but he shook his head no and went back downstairs, intent on getting every single object in her possession up and into his apartment before someone could even consider stealing it.

As he lugged up the last box, wondering how a street rat could have so much stuff in their possession, she ran on up ahead to get the door for him. Once they had both shuffled in the door, he set the box down on the counter and looked around, noticing the many boxes that would need to be unpacked.

Rikku also looked around, her eyes wide as she wrapped a small arm around his waist and leaned against him, staring out over at the sea of brown packaging that was the temporary home of all her stuff.

“This is really happening, huh?” she said softly, looking up into his eyes as he gave that small smile of his she knew so well and nodded.

The smile turned into a smirk soon after, as he bent down and picked her up under her legs as she yelped and squirmed.

“Tseeeeng, what are you doing?!” she crooned, squirming in his arms as he chuckled and made his way through the many boxes that littered the floor, wary of tripping on one of them, to the bedroom.

“I suggest we start unpacking,” he said with a gleam in his eyes as he set her down on the bed and swiftly covered her mouth with his.

And really, Rikku couldn’t say no to such sound advice.
Tags: fic
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