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Porn yay

Title: Theme Set I
Pairing: Rufus/Tseng
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Rating: R/NC-17
Themes: 1-5
Author's notes: First five themes dedicated to whim because my poor wifey is sick *pets the wife* Get well soon, and to help you I give you porn. Much better then soup, you all agree?

1. Blossom
There is little room, nor necessity in their relationship for romance. Still, when Rufus walks into his office one day and finds the assorted flowers in a vase for him, he can only think of one person who would do such a thing.

Later he asks between gasps if he was the one to send the flowers, and as Tseng slides into him slowly, the Turk can only smirk and grasp his cock as he thrusts into him, gaining momentum.

“Sir, you will need to learn how to be better at interrogation if you wish to ask such questions,”

2. Sweat
It is the after-sex glow Tseng has that mesmerizes Rufus.

The heat in the room is high, as if the thermostat has been turned all the way up.

He is glowing, the faint sheen of sweat making him glisten in the moonlight.

Steadily he makes his way across the inviting lap before being pushed down against the bed, slick skin sliding over one another in a battle of wills that he finds he cannot win.

Brushing away a stray lock of hair, he sighs and curls up next to his lover, the sweat making them stick together slightly in a way neither minds.

3. Gaze
Dark eyes meet blue and gaze evenly at each other as the order is given. Rufus smirks at him, a look that is replaced as soon as his mouth opens to let loose a low moan.

Fingers twitch by their sides as he watches Rufus, never straying to the hand that moves slowly over the other’s cock, jerking into his hand. Rufus has that look on his face as he fondles his balls between his fingers and looks at Tseng with hunger in those blue eyes.

Tseng just stands at the door, damning orders, as Rufus comes with his name on his lips.

4. Tongue
It is almost becoming too much to bear, and as Rufus hisses and squirms against the sheets, he wants this beautiful torture to end.

“Tseng,” he moans, hands grabbing the sheets to steady himself as his lover’s tongue makes another quick swipe near his navel, sending another shudder of pleasure to wrack through his body.

Unfortunately it is no where near where he wants it to be, and Tseng is going to pay for this insubordination. A smirk is across his face before his mouth opens in a moan, low and hungry. Yes, he is going to pay.

Again, and again, and again.

5. Scar
Of course in his readings, Rufus had learned all about scars and the way they had become more sensitive to touch. He had never realized how much they were sensitive, until he had ran his tongue over the slightly raised scar tissue left over from the incident on his lovers shoulder.

The following shudder from such an action had made him look up questioningly, only to receive a nod to continue. With new found ardor, he had set to map out every scar on his lovers body with his lips.

The following morning he vowed to start up his reading again.
Tags: fic
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