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What have we here...

Well well well, it seems that some people LOVE to take advantage of other's STATE OF MIND at around 3:00 in the morning, and play tricks with their EMOTIONS.

Oh yes, I know some of these people very VERY well.

Why yes, YAZ, I believe I am talking to you. Oh, don't know what I'm talking about huh? Well, I think GOADING some people on to play a TRICK on another is what I'm talking about.


I have the evidence in my mailbox, don't try to deny it. You owe me big time for the PAIN and MENTAL ANGUISH of last night.

You may try to run, but I doubt that will do much.



Yea, I'm just a little tired this morning/afternoon. Happy Memorial Day to everyone, hope you had a good one....unless you don't have parades in your town, in which case they must be pretty dull.

And I just realized how many guy friends of mine are boy scouts. I'm hoping that I just love a man in uniform, because a lot of them are jerks. It's like they travel in little jerk packs or something...then again, I know many of them go beyond 'being friendly' when they go camping.

I'm just saying, there might be something there about teenage boys and wanting to rebel...isn't one of the boy scouts laws that you can't be gay? *shrugs* I'm just stating the facts, ya'll can make your own assumptions...

So what now....I think the heat is getting to me. It's horrible out....more work to do...will be putting up stuff for centi_porn today, even if it kills me...I'm in a writing mood.

Work first, then I can write. Yes, that is my goal. Catch me on line later, ok guys?
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