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So, I'm working on the project, and I realize....well, I wasn't really working on the project. I was doing something else that was not really project related.

So I'm thinking this might not be the best way to get about finishing said project. Upon further reflection, I realize I need something as an incentive to finish said project.

I shall now pull up one of my favorite stories and have it taunt me to finish my project as it sits there and waits for me to read it.

Yes, there is no point to this post, except as a reminder to WORK ON THE FUCKING PROJECT BITCH *slaps*

Edit: My neighbor is talking to himself. I am amused and slightly creeped out, as he could break me like a twig if he wanted to. I should get back to work.

Edit 2: It's still way to hot here. Donnez-moi climatisation pour favor *grumbles*
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