Amata (rougaroux) wrote,


So, audition was *shakes head* I don't the the directer likes me very much.

No wait, scratch that. He REALLY doesn't like me. I have resigned myself to the fact of waiting another year before getting into this choir. it worth it?

*thinks for a moment* ....hell yes it is.

But man....I got the sight-singing down. I got the note placement down. I got the scales right. So why the hell did he have to make us sing the 1st soprano for that one song? *makes face* I only learned the 2nd before, and the two are completely and utterly different.

Well....good news is, this time I didn't trip on my way into the room like last year ^_^

Now I shall go drown my sorrow in writing...or reading other's writing....or taking up a new challenge from another comm...

or hell, I might even finish my homework *snerks*
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