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Slide 1: Title
Slide 2: Picture/info?
Slide 3: Picture/info?
Slide 4: Larson
Slide 5: Larson/Aronson
Slide 6: Larson/Life support
Slide 7: La Boheme
Slide 8: La Boheme/Rent
Slide 9: Rent
Slide 10: Rent/Real Life
Slide 11: AZT
Slide 12: AZT/Friends in Deed
Slide 13: AIDS victim stereotype
Slide 14: Tompkins Square Park
Slide 15: Riot
Slide 16: East Village
Slide 17: Greenwich Village
Slide 18: Bohemians
Slide 19: Bohemia
Slide 20: My Thoughts
Slide 21: Conclusion

Yup, busy busy work day today. Might go catch a movie with dad tonight, seeing as mom and brother are not here *shrugs* Sounds fun to me actually, when was the last time I've been out? *thinks* .....I don't even remember what the mall looks like XD

So yea, that's what my powerpoint should be like...cupcakemonster, you read my paper, did I miss any important points? I hope that 21 slides will be enough for a 10 minute presentation *makes face*

*hugs Yaz* I love you ok? Nothing is your fault, it's all mine.

And wheeee, just got my affirmation for 22_lovers. Now I need to actually start writing. Should be fun *cackles like mad* Need to start up a list...

And why the hell is it so cold out? Summer's almost here, where's my heat? *shivers and burrows under covers*

Talk to you all later. Maybe. I'm not really in the mood for talking, so I don't know if I'll go on line tonight....catch me about the web though, I'm always here.
Tags: fic, friends, rl
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