Amata (rougaroux) wrote,

RL update and stuff yo

So...I'm feeling pretty good today. As in, I got a lot done ^_^ School had to have been the best today, I love my teachers right now. Good feelings for all XD

English was amazing. We're currently reading "Merchant of Venice" by Shakespeare (good play by the way, in my personal opinion) and...there's a part where the chorus comes out and sings right?

My teacher taught us the Shakesperian way of dancing. Oh god, we moved all the desks and danced with partners. Turns out the sexiest part of a woman is the back of her neck, and the sexiest part of a man is his calf.

I am highly amused *snorts* Try keeping a straight face during that explanation.

Also, in Humanities we're doing the Watergate Scandal. So what did my teacher have us do?

"Watergate: The Play". I got to be Liddy, the lookout man during the break in. Which means I essentially stood on top of a desk with a pair of binoculars and a walkie talkie the whole time. I had a good time XP

And now...concert tonight. It starts at 7:30 and I have to be there at 6:15. *makes face* I don't feel like singing. Especially...the songs that I don't know the words to *sheepish grin*

"The Alma Mater"
"Brahms 5 and 6" <<< ...I don't speak German, how do you expect me to know this??
"Walk the Streets" <<< ...It's a song about shoes.
"All For Me Grog" <<<...we swing. And do a hiccup thing that does nothing for anyone.
"My God is a Rock" <<<...this is the best song out of them all.
"Stars I Shall Find" <<<...this was written by someone who committed suicide. Morbid much?
"Can You Hear" <<<...SOLO *flails* I'm freaking.
"The Promise of Living" <<<...still don't know the words.

...I hope it doesn't run late. I'm tired and have work to do. Talk to you all eventually again...and whim...where's my stories? XD
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