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Title: Disapproving
By: rougaroux
Rating: PG
Characters: Rikku, Tseng
Author's notes: Based on gilgameshcity rp, because it’s obvious Tseng and Rikku would never meet anywhere else.

Sequel to cupcakemonster's Disconcerting

He was in the kitchen, slightly hung-over from the night before, though a cup of coffee and he was fine, as usual. He never got smashed enough to be truly sorry in the morning, yet enough to hopefully forget the blood-stained images of the night before. Unfortunately, it was not enough alcohol to truly forget last night.

Especially when he awoke in the morning to a blond head nestled under his arm, with him having no recollection on how it had gotten there. His boxers were still on, which in itself was some relief, along with her own night-clothes still intact. That was reassuring, to say the least. He would have hated to find out that he had done something in his drunken stupor that he would later regret.

Why did she keep doing that? Why did she keep throwing herself at people who didn’t want her, who didn’t love her in the way that she wanted to be loved?

She was looking for a new bed partner every night. He was looking for a way to stop her from achieving her goal of screwing the city blind in the literal sense.

Holding the mug in his hand, he thought of what to do. Wake her? Let her sleep? In his bed of all places? Shaking his head, he took another sip, pondering this new found dilemma.

Of course in his train of thought, the major question was why on earth she would bother coming to his bed of all places. He could vaguely remember murmured voices speaking of nightmares and the such, though that didn’t seem like a good enough reason to crawl into someone else’s room.

Especially when that someone else had already sliced, kicked, and thrown out the person sneaking in more than seventeen times. She had many others she could have gone to, friends, lovers. There was no family that he was aware of, but it stood to good reason that she had never told him as much. He certainly had never told her the full truth.

“Enough,” he said aloud, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt and getting to work. First things first.


There was time later for throwing her out, but he’d be damned if he didn’t feed her first.
Tags: story
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