Amata (rougaroux) wrote,

Title: Rain
By: rougaroux
Rating: PG
Characters: Rikku, Tseng
Author's notes: Based on gilgameshcity rp, because it’s obvious Tseng and Rikku would never meet anywhere else.

The city was always such a nice place to be during the day. The sunlight warmed the wooden and stone buildings, sending people outdoors where it was cooler. While the sun made everything become warm, it was only physical objects that became warm. Emotions, while heated, were not affected by the weather. It was merely a backdrop, white noise in the back, as lovers, friends, comrades; all made their way down the street in the heat of the day.

The night was different, making the city seem darker, more dangerous. The rain pounded down, not in the way that made you want to be out and about in it, but in the way that it soaked you to the bone. Chilling you to the core, it wasn’t where you wanted to be at night.

Where you wanted to be was inside, with people who cared, and in return, you cared for. Where a warm bed was awaiting you at the end of the day. Where heated food sat on the table, awaiting mouths to feed, for conversation to be made over the table.

This was, Rikku decided, the best place to be, curled up on the couch under a blanket with someone you cared for, listening to the rain pound against the windows. And as Tseng gradually relaxed, she decided that it was worth it to get attacked every once in awhile, if just to spend a few moments with him curled up like this, arms hanging loosely around her body, both of their breathing gradually evening out as they relaxed after a hard days work.
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