Amata (rougaroux) wrote,

Story omfg *flails*

Title: Congratulations
By: rougaroux
Rating: PG
Characters: Rikku, Tseng
Author's notes: Based on gilgameshcity rp, because it’s obvious Tseng and Rikku would never meet anywhere else.

Written for cupcakemonster who wanted cute. I give you…cute and angst?

After their fight, the air near them seemed to be filled with anger, thoughts better left unsaid. She was getting married, she was pregnant. He couldn’t believe how much of an idiot she was, how she could have done something to ruin her life like that.

They went about their respective jobs. She went on patrol and began to feel weaker as the days went by, from a child that wasn’t even hers. He went out and did his job for the President, breaking a few informants’ fingers in the process.

Days went by, and then months followed, as is the logical procession of time. Her stomach began to get bigger, her modesty began to grow. New uniforms were made for her new figure, he bought more to replace the blood that stained a few of his. They occasionally saw each other, but as time went on, she went out less, her new look cause for much concern.

She married the supposed ‘father’ even if she didn’t want to. He still slept in his bed alone, though he was used to it and it didn’t bother him. One night she made her way to his room, looking for peace and solace that she couldn’t find anywhere else. They stayed up late in the night discussing things they had spent months ignoring.

She wasn’t used to someone not taking advantage of her. He had always pushed away her advances, and would continue to do so. She wanted to sleep in the same bed with him. He gave her his bed to sleep in, and made himself home on the couch for the night.

In the morning he was gone, and she went back to her own room to prepare for another day.

By the end of the week, things slowly returned to normal. She came to his office and talked to him about nonsensical happenings with fellow coworkers and the like. He pretended to be annoyed by her ramblings and would try and get her to leave so he could do his work.

She never left when he hinted. He never hinted too much.

By this time she had gotten herself a respectable office, perfect for doing paperwork now that she couldn’t patrol. It was here that she found the bouquet on her desk. The vibrant colors seemed to make everything around them seem drab and dull, and they were instantly recognizable as flowers from Aeris’ stall. She was the only one who could find such beauties such as these, or she grew them in her garden.

A plain white card accompanied the dazzling arrangement, dark words on its surface. Written with black pen in smooth, bold strokes of calligraphy, were two simple words.

Congratulations Rikku.
Tags: story
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