Amata (rougaroux) wrote,

*sings* Boom boom, I want you in my room....

Gonna go see "The Good-bye Girl" at the school tonight, so I'll be on later than usual everyone *grins*

And wow, taking a break from writing has made me want to write more actually. And of course, what better way than to start with those prompts that you guys made for me awhile back? *laughs*

Yaz, yours is up first. I'm about halfway done already XP I think I'll tackle Caity's next, then work on Ishi's.

Ishi, I want a pretty picture when I'm done XDD But oh god, can I have a copy of that Rod/Nicky picture!!?!?!? Pleaseeeeeee *paws at* It was soooo good...and if you don't want to, I'm gonna write a Rod/Nicky story, just so you have to draw it *sticks out tongue*
Tags: rl, writing
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