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Well, i have Renassiance Faire rehearsals today....blah, i don't really remember any of my lines, my sword fight scenes are long and complicated, and my dress is to long. yes, you heard me, too long. I SHRUNK!! it used to be to short, now it's to long...what will i do?? OH NOES!!

Am incredibaly excited for Jak X...where is it in stores?? i need it now, not..whenever it's supposed to come out!! ughhh.
Am also excited, just finished my Greed picture..need to color it and put a background and whatnot, then i can crop it...county fair here i come! lol.

I'm also in the middle of writing stories, i just looked back and saw that i have an incomplete on there. WTF?? i don't even remember what iwas planning on doing with it. Need inspiration...

Just saw "The Thomas Crown Affair" for the hundreth time...i love Peirce Brosnan in it, he's so sexy ^_^
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