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random thoughts

Random thought number 1:
Why make us run the mile at school? The only way I'll be able to run a 8 minute mile is if there was something chasing me. Which there's not. And they probably won't be chasing me around a track......4 times. I think the person who came up with this didn't think it all the way through.

Random thought number 2:
You know those things at banks? Where you go in your car and wait outside, then there's the tube thing, and you take the can and put your check in it, then the machine goes "WOOSH" and sucks it up and then they give you your money with another "WOOSH" sound? ....Yea, how does that work? I mean, it's a can, you can't bend how do they get it to go?

Random thought number 3:
Why is it, that when I was in Elementary school,we did the musical "The Music Man" for a school play...and my brother gets to do "Guys and Dolls" ? I'm sensing something off in our society here.

Random thought number 4:
Did Salinger know that his character Holden would be instantly hated by millions everywhere? You just can't connect with the guy, and yea, sure, his brother died. But you don't PITY him at all, which is what you should do...but you don't. I love this book <3

Random thought number 5:
I handed in by graduation paper today...

*sits and chews on hair*

Random thought number 6:
What does quixotic mean? I like it, it seems fun XD

Random thought number 7:
Last one I swear....Ho Chi Minh, leader of the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War? Yea, kids in schools in Vietnam were taught to call him Uncle Ho. I am amused >P
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