Amata (rougaroux) wrote,


Gawd, it's hot out. I am in boxer shorts (Go North marching band woohoo~) and a t-shirt, and I am still broiling. Damn you 80 degree weather. I want to still wear pants with my sandals >P

Naw, today was a good day. Met with my teacher for my Grad project, and we proofed it. So now I need to make all of the corrections, and then I can hand it in...early!! So that means bonus points for me!! Woohoo~

Hm, what is thursday. That means....DATES!! Yay for schedules.

April 22: Going to New York City to go see Rent and have dinner at the Life Cafe. I am so excited ^_^
April 26: Day of Silence. Get out and be silent everyone!!
April 28: Friend's big birthday bash. I love themed Sweet Sixteens *laughs* Now for some 50's gear....
April 29: RENTMAS

And guess what everyone!!! Today is April 20th!!! 4/20!!! So get on out there and light em up :P

*makes Collins pose* TO MARIJUANA
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