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Spring break day number 3

...Yes, the title of this entry is to totally gloat to you guys XD

Anyway, today I am reminded on why I don't like shopping. My feet need to grow, and other parts of me need to stop >O I find a great pair of shoes, and yet they don't have my size. Is it so hard to make shoes come in size 3 1/2 to a 4? Honestly? Not everyone is a 6....or 7....or 8....or 9...or a rational number for woman shoes....*growls* Fine then, you don't want my business I'll take it somewhere else. Like...T.T Fine, I'll take the next size up. Say hello to my big clunky size 5 shoes :P

Hm, what else....confirmation class tomorrow. We picked our theme for the service, and tomorrow everyone who's writing a speech will work with the Rabbi's wife (she's a prof at Rutgers whoooo~ ) and everyone of is doing a torah portion will get their parts (and hopefully cd's to listen to). I can't wait, I'm reading torah, doing a few prayers, designing the front cover for our service programme, and singing a song with my friends. Should be fun ^_^

...what's not fun is Passover's coming up. I am determined to eat all the bread stuff in the house before wednesday afternoon. Speaking of which, I need to tell all the rpg's I'm in that I won't be on for a bit....going to grandparent's house, and they don't have internet access >.< My uncle does though...*ponders* We'll see.

Catch everyone tonight hopefully *smooches all and runs back to doing grad project notecards*
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