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Major Renthead update

WHEEEE!!!! I just read in the New York Times a piece about 'Rent' the film. They've gotten most of the original cast back, except for Fredi Walker-Browne ( Joanne) and Dapne Rubin-Vega ( Mimi). The movie comes out November 23rd, and I am sooo excited! Amazingly enough, the cast looks pretty much the same as they did then (maybe some more wrinkles lol). Here's the new cast list, and people, i seriously reccommend seeing the play on Broadway before seeing the movie...the experience will blow you away ^_^

Taye Diggs- Benjamin Cofin III
Wilson Jermaine Heredia- Angel Schunard
Jesse L. Martin- Tom Collins
Idina Menzel- Maureen Johnson
Adam Pascal- Roger Davies
Anthony Rapp- Mark Cohen
Tracie Thomas- Joanne Jefferson
Rosario Dawson- Mimi Marquez

Tracie Thomas and Rosario Dawson are replacing the original people in the movie.
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