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No update, except to say that I'm sick.

Yaz ~ Question. I remember talk about a girl academy to rival ours. Anything coming of that? I don't know, I was thinking about that before and I just would like to know *shrugs* Because I want to be in it :P

Kim, my beautiful midlife crisis ~ I have a story for you. You'll have to remind me to post it eventually, because I am really forgetful and will most likely put it off till the day after tomorrow XD

....yea, that's all I needed to say before I go to bed I guess. Oh, and Kyuubi, I've got lesson number 4 planned, so you better be prepared XD

That's it. Oh, and love to my hubby Goo, who gets to go see Anthony Rapp tomorrow. I'm jealous, but I can't wait for you love *blows kiss* Have fun, stay safe, play nicely with the other fans :P

P.S I love this icon <3
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