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update whee~

So I am definitely sick again *sighs* But like hell will I miss another day of school. I will be in tomorrow...all stuffed up, but in tomorrow XD But man, you know something's wrong when you've gone through two boxes of tissues already *cracks up*

Blah, I can't breathe. Now that puts me in a crappy mood, I like breathing thank you very much. I also have the urge to write REALLY badly, but I still have homework so I'm putting it off till soon as I'm done this thing, I'll do something really quickly.

Took a break today and went to the basement to play some games. Started off trying to play FF7, but it turns out that someone doesn't like me out there and wouldn't let it load >.< The attempted to play Resident Evil 4 gain, and OMG, forgot how much I had issues with it. I'm bad at those shooting games...and living through them...5 minutes into the game....*chuckles* I'm working on making it to the town. So I said to hell with that the fifth last time I died and went back to playing FFX. Got to a good part too, got to see kiddie that freaked me out even worse then the zombies *shudders*

I'm gonna try to be on tonight, just to talk to certain people...heh, we'll see. *rolls up sleeves* Best get back to work if I want to get to bed at a good hour.

<3 to all
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